Wednesday, October 10

VIVA DADA! Retro Design Trends from Retroeuropa

 What is Dada?
DaDa on Display

DaDa was born of a desire to use the printed medium of letters and processed images to express art. Forerunner of Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism and much of Modern Art, its perpertrators started by using print cut up from existing magazines and books and pasted together.

A precursor and origin of montage, collage and modern design process and also product, dada was a reaction by artists who felt there was more to the sheer entertainment of art than understanding how to use a paintbrush or record a sunset. During its moment dada was mould-breaking and shocking as nothing before and created huge changes in the creation, value and qualification of art. Traditional and modern art parted ways and Expression: a revolutionary idea in a time when civilisation was already shifting into a new formation including women, war and political differences. 

This created a unique jewel of escapism, ridicule and irreverence that was a record of the absurdity of and aspiration to hope intrinsic in existence that still influence us today as one facet of the human need to share without compromise or rules. 

New and Old books now available include: 'DaDa El Espiritu' A full colour glossy book at half size A4 Hardback 10€ Reference Art Collections including Eileen Gray, Klimt... Spanish text 

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